Monday, May 24, 2010

One (or two) Ingredient Ice Cream

A friend of mine found this recipe on another blog and I was instantly intrigued. It was hot on Saturday and I figured it was a perfect day to whip up something cold and possibly delicious.

So here goes....


I decided to add some Nutella into the mix because, let's face it, the stuff rocks. It's creamy and chocolatey....good stuff.

First you peel the bananas

Slice them up into a pan...I used a cake pan.

Now that they're cut, stick them in the freezer for at least 1-2 hours.

Frozen banana slices don't look much different than unfrozen banana slices, but here they are...nice and frosty.

OK, so the recipe says to stick them in a food processor. I don't have one...I've been trying to talk myself into getting one for the past 6 years. I'm not making very good progress on that little matter.
Anyway, I decided to use my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

Mix, mix and then mix some more. I had to scrape the sides down a number if times to make sure that all of the bananas were getting mooshed.  The texture when from frozen to chunk to slightly less chunky to smoooooooth.

Now is when I added the Nutella. You can add whatever you want. Next time I'm going to do peanut butter.
I did two big spoonfuls.

And here is what it created.

It was surprisingly delicious! Super creamy and oh so yummy. The kids loved it, I loved it...and it was cheap, cheap, cheap!

So, whoever it was that discovered that bananas can be whipped into a creamy ice creamish dessert, thank you.


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