Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ham Steaks w/ Creamy Mustard Sauce

I've been such a slacker this week. I have totally deviated from my menu.
So amongst the chaos that is my daily life, I've managed to make a few things that I actually planned for.

This recipe came from my friend Jamie (remember the Maple Ginger Pork Chops? Same chickie!).

I will warn you.  I raised my eyebrow at the sauce that this recipe makes.  I thought it sounded delicious...but I also thought that the recipe would be denying me the amount that was really needed. Note to self: Don't try to change a recipe when you're making it for the first time. It might actually work the way it says it will. In other words, I doubled the sauce and ended up with way too much sauce.  Nuff said.

1 ham steak (I found this nice chunk of ham on sale so I grabbed it instead of a ham steak), 1/2 cup honey mustard, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup water, some green onions

First things first...slice up the ham.  I did it about a 1/2 in thick.

Next, mix the water and the mustard.

OK, maybe it's just me, but this looked totally gross to me.

But then I whisked it up and all was right again.

Now place the steaks in a skillet over medium(ish) high heat.  Pour the sauce over them.

Now keep in mind that I have twice as much sauce in there than what's called for.

Cover and cook for 10 minutes, turning once.

Meanwhile, slice up your green onions.

When the 10 minutes is up...

...mix in the sour cream and green onions. Swirl it all around until everything is mixed together nicely.

And VIOLA! Dinner is done. I served mine with some brussel sprouts & ghetto garlic bread (hot dog buns, butter, garlic seasoning)

It was better than I expected. The sauce was perfect on the ham steaks. Great flavor!!
And seriously, it was almost too easy.

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