Friday, April 16, 2010


I just got home from a LONG shopping trip.  I went to 3 stores...when I got to the 3rd (where I was going to buy my meat) I found out that they were out of what I needed.  So I bought the other things on my list for that store since I was already there and my 3 year old was dying of thirst...a thirst that only chocolate milk could quench.  Anyway, I then drove to another location and grabbed the meat there.  So yeah, I spend 4 hours grocery shopping this morning.  That's about 2 hours too long if you ask me, but at least I'm home now and it's done until next Friday.

So here's the good stuff. Drumroll please!!

My total for groceries was:


Walmart - $32.51
Albertson's - $14.16
King Soopers - $23.30

And this is what I got:


  1. Do you have suggestions for those who try to buy organic foods as much as possible and no canned foods because of the BPA lining in them?

  2. If you don't want to buy canned goods you can always look at buying fresh or jarred products. You can look into making your own broth or stocks and freezing it until it's needed for a recipe. I haven't really researched alternatives to too many canned goods (like cream of chicken soup or baked beans....both on my menu this week). Organic is usually going to be a bit more expensive, but you can adjust your budget accordingly. Being that I don't do an only organic menu, it's a bit tough to know exactly how much it would cost for a week. I can keep my eyes open to it though!