Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pork Tacos

When it comes to tacos, we're normally a beef family. Last night I tried pork tacos for the first time.  I had pork chops to work with & I wasn't too sure how that would work.  I looked online and found a technique to cook and shred pork chops & it involved boiling them. Weird, but I figured I'd give it a try.

I took 3 pork chops and a packet of pork flavoring (out of a Top Ramen :) ).

I brought a pot full of water to a boil, dropped in the seasoning & the chops.

I simmered them on med-low for 90 minutes and then let the chops sit in the broth for about 30 more.

It was about now that I started to think that this recipe was not as promising as I had hoped. :)

What I was left with were these:

They were a little tough, but still had pretty good flavor.  I really couldn't shred them like the recipe said though (booooo). So instead I cut the meat up into teeny strips.

These are the other ingredients for my tacos.
Canned tomatoes w/ chilies, taco seasoning, sour cream, corn tortillas, cheese & cabbage

I make my own crunchy taco shells.
Pour some oil in a pan & heat it up. Drop in the tortillas, fold them over, let them brown & them put them upside down on a paper towel.

Now for the meat.

Put about 2 tbsp of oil in the skillet & then add the meat.

Add the tomatoes, taco seasoning & 1/2 cup of water.

Let it simmer for about 15 minutes until the sauce thickens.

Now to build the taco. :)

Take your taco shell & add some shredded cabbage.

Add the meat.

Throw some cheese in there.

And a good plop of sour cream.  The meat has a kick to it, so the sour cream balanced it out really nicely.

And that's it.  Nothing fancy...tacos never are.

Let me tell you, they were fantastic.  The pork was such a nice change from the normal beef tacos.  In fact, after the taco shells were gone, my husband ate the meat with just some cheese on top.  He really enjoyed it! Two thumbs up and we will be making these again for sure!

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