Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keilbasa & Zataran's...like peas & carrots.

I LOVE Kielbasa. It's so simple to make and it is so dang good. It's great for a quick ghetto meal. This is by far one of my favorites & it costs all of about 5 bucks to make.

All you do is slice up a kielbasa sausage & toss it around a skillet for a few minutes over med-high heat. Then you dump in the contents of a box of Zataran's Black Beans & Rice (Along with some water and oil).  Let it simmer for 25 minutes and you're done.

So easy.

So delicious.

Yay for not having to think much while preparing a meal!


  1. For what it is worth - I have been able to find reduced sodium versions of some of the Zataran's stuff. (Can't remember which ones though...) Keep an eye out for them - I am sure you wouldn't be able to tell the difference and it would be healthier.

  2. Oh for sure! I know I've used the lower sodium ones before...they taste pretty much exactly the same. :D